‘What does a life coach do?’

I help people to understand who they are and where they are now…

Who they want to be and where they want to be in the future…

And then work with them to close the gap, providing support, tools, and insight to overcome blocks and gain momentum.

I really see, deeply listen, and champion the best that I see in people.

I’m a lifelong student of human behaviour. I understand that to be a true master of something you must always have the attitude of a student, because of that I am continually learning, researching, and studying.

The areas I love to play in are those of creativity and productivity, lifestyle design and balance, the power of choice and essentialism. What holds us back and draws us forward is a bit of an obsession.

I love to wonder. I love to research. I love to see the how and why of a matter.

I wonder things like, ‘What would art with no limits look like?’ ‘What would life be like without procrastination or fear?’ to name only a few. Then I see why and how it  works to make that real.

With my clients, I believe in honouring the commitment and investment that they have made in themselves and their desire to move beyond what they’re currently experiencing.

That being so, I will not accept your excuses, the power of the things that hold you back, or less than you taking 100% responsibility for your life.


I will, however, believe the best in you, challenge you, work with you deeply to face fears and leave mindsets behind that hold you back, empower you and support you.

I’m a life-long creative, faith-following, gluten free, mum of three. I love people. I love life and energy, peace and balance. Beauty. Abundance.

I am a beautiful, wonderful, glorious, kooky, work in progress.

How about you?

Powerful coaching for creativity and productivity, lifestyle design and balance.

I help people move past what is holding them back and step into the reality they want to create.

Are you interested in going DEEPER, WIDER, HIGHER?