How I can support you?

Are you ready to create greater balance in your life or to create the life you desire?

Do you want to explore the area of your creativity or move past your blocks and fears and be more meaningfully productive?

When I meet someone interested in coaching, I ask them to tell me about their dreams.

I like to help them dream bigger, dream clearer.

I believe in playing Deeper Wider Higher.

I love that change is often only one thought away.

What you want is closer than you think.

You see, often we get so focused in on the ‘how’ of things that we don’t see that once we have our ‘What’ beautiful and clear, and engage powerfully with our ‘Why’, the ‘How To’ falls into place.

If you’re ready to play full out, here are some ways I can support you:


Personal Attention Sessions.

These sessions are bespoke 1-to-1 coaching sessions. Deep coaching to uncover hidden blocks and support as you move forward. My clients and I meet in person or connect via video call.


I offer a menu that includes:

Clarity Session – a one off or occasional session.

Day Intensive – it’s all day, and it’s intensive

Applied Momentum Package – bookable from 1 to 6 month blocks and includes weekly 1-to-1 sessions, weekly and monthly reviews, digital coaching.


I’m happy to create something that currently isn’t on the menu too. If we’re a fit and we want to work together – let’s make that happen.


Workshops & Groups

I love facilitating workshops and experiences.

The workshops and experiences include interactive teaching relevant to the topic, worksheets or workbook, personal development tools, group coaching, and activities.

For Example:

Making the Most of your Precious Time and Money

The Surprising Essentials of Creativity


I’m open to creating something new and unique to you. Get in touch and let’s talk.


It’s great to share at conferences and events. What could I bring to yours?

Powerful coaching for creativity and productivity, lifestyle design and balance.

I help people move past what is holding them back and step into the reality they want to create.

Are you interested in going DEEPER, WIDER, HIGHER?